Medical Marijuana

The Cannabis Patient Protection Act – SB 5052 integrates the medical market with the regulated recreational market. Under the act, the Department of Health adopted rules for a medical marijuana authorization database, training and certification of medical marijuana consultants, and product compliance. The department was also required to produce several bill-related reports.

Current Topics
The following changes impact medical marijuana patients:

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Voluntary Authorization Database (Click to view Link)
Medical marijuana patients with a valid authorization form may join the medical marijuana authorization database and receive a medical marijuana recognition card, giving them many benefits.
Certified medical marijuana consultants
A certified medical marijuana consultant is required to be on staff to assist patients in all licensed and medically endorsed marijuana stores.
Medical marijuana patient cooperatives
The new medical marijuana cooperative law allows up to four medical marijuana patients or their designated provider to join together and grow marijuana for the patients' personal use.
Compliant products
Compliant products are safer and healthier products because of stricter testing standards.

Medical Marijuana Program

The Cannabis Patient Protection Act (SB 5052) (PDF) was passed in April of 2015 and went into full effect on July 1, 2016. SB 5052 creates strict regulations for marijuana producers, processors and stores that want to sell to patients. Under the act, the Department of Health is directed to adopt rules for:

Product compliance;
A Medical Marijuana Authorization Database; and
Training and certification of medical marijuana consultants

The Department of Health is dedicated to protecting access for patients with qualifying conditions and ensuring that their products are safe, quality tested and accurately labeled. Scroll down to learn more...