Medical Marijuana

Clinics of Washington State


MMCWS Medical, Primary Care Clinic, Naturopath

Specializing in Cancer Treatment Options

7656 SR 20 #B

P.O. Box 2209

Anacortes WA 98221

Phone: 360-422-3623

Fax: 360-422-3623

​Benefits of Medical Marijuana

-Purchase up to three times the current limits at licensed retail stores with a medical marijuana endorsement. 

-Purchase products at the medically endorsed retail stores sales-tax free. 

-May possess six plants and eight ounces of usable marijuana. Note: A healthcare practitioner may authorize additional plants to a maximum of 15; a patient so authorized may possess up to sixteen ounces of usable marijuana produced from their plants.

-Participate in a medical marijuana cooperative garden. 

-Provide arrest protection [2SSB 5052, Section 24] 

Steps to get your Medical Authorization

Things you will need: 

1. A valid Washington Drivers License or Identification card

2. A medical summary or a copy of your medical records (10 pages or less) documenting your qualifying condition

3. Fill out our Patient Information Sheet and HIPAA Privacy Release form

4. Payment - we accept cash, check or money order

Please mail or email us the above paperwork and we will contact you after we have reviewed your information. 


Standard Fee: $199 
Reduced Fee $149
Renewal Fee: $99

​To qualify for a reduced fee you must be one or more of the following: low income, veteran, or senior.